DO NOT PAY UNLESS YOUR LOADER ASKS YOU TO! All refunds will be charged a 4% refund fee

Get Verified

Verification Checklist:

(Please replicate all 4 example photos below)

  • - Please copy the example promissory note with bold marker or font. Sign, Date, and Print as shown. (A printer is NOT required.)
  • - Must be clear enough to read ID Card’s text as shown in example photo. 
  • - Must be taken in a well lit area. 
  • - Must show all of face. 
  • - Must not cover any text or picture on ID Card or Promissory. 
  • - Any sunglasses or caps must be removed for your photo. 

-Any credit/debit card used after verification must match the name of the person verified. If you decide to switch cards/use multiple cards you will be required to send an updated photo of your card as shown in example photo. PLEASE COVER FIRST 12 DIGITS OF CARD AS SHOWN IN PHOTO. 

- All payments must be done with verified card or bitcoin

Please Upload all 4 photos to either of your loaders via LINE messenger or Facebook messenger. 
Thanks for considering Verification with us!


Promissory Reads as follows:

(I, (Print Name), assume responsibility of all payments made at I waive all rights to initiate chargebacks for any purchases made at