DO NOT PAY UNLESS YOUR LOADER ASKS YOU TO! All refunds will be charged a 4% refund fee


What we do? We save people tons of money by making their in-app purchases for them using our discounts.


We can load it..

Ask us about your game now.
  • One on One EVERY TIME

    We pride ourselves on being one on one with each of our paying customers. For every order, you will be directly speaking with your loader.

  • Privacy

    We take your privacy very seriously. NO ONE apart from your loaders will ever have access to your game accounts information.

  • We're Fast!

    We understand that a lot of the guys in our business can take up to 24 hours. Not the case with us. Try less than 5 minutes after payment is sent...

  • We Accept Bitcoin

    We Gladly accept Bitcoin payments. Just ask your loaders for more info.


Click the blue Facebook Messenger icon on the bottom right.. 

Let us know what game you play.

25% Off In-Game Prices!


Why worry with more steps!  We'll get to that later.. Just do step 1!


What are your prices?

Pricing is currently 25% off all packs. Any size. Any amount. Any payment method. 

There are currently 2 ways to pay:



PAYPAL - (verification required)

Do I have to share my login information?

Yes. The only way we can access your gaming account is through sharing your login details with us. NO ONE apart from your loaders will ever have access to this information. Please see our Privacy Policy on the matter. Be sure to check out our multiple 5-star reviews at Trust Pilot.  You can also go to our Facebook page and ask around. Whatever you have to do to feel comfy!! You're in good hands!

When do I pay?


We may not be available before your pack best to speak with us first. If we have to refund you, you will be charged for a 3% refund fee. 

This is actually a perfect time to go over the entire process start to finish: 

Step 1.   Upload a screenshot of the pack(s) you're wanting in facebook messenger/LINE and tell us how you'd like to pay .. Wait for our reply.

Step 2. We will reply to you once we get to your place in queue.  (PLEASE NOTE: your last pm will determine your  place in queue. It's in your best interest to only pm ONCE and WAIT!) We will direct you to pay at this time. Once paid, always come back to our chat thread with a screenshot of the payment receipt. 

Step 3. Give us the login details for your account needing loaded. The rest is on us! We will tell you when we're entering your account, and likewise, will tell you when we're done!

So how long is this going to take?

We are pretty busy at times, but we pride ourselves on being quick. It depends on the order obviously, but I'd say, if you started a timer after we got your payment, our average in and out time would be about 60 seconds per pack. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We will ALWAYS reply to you.  Seriously.. always...eventually.   That being said, please never send multiple messages if we havent replied yet. We use your unread status as a place holder to tell us who is in line and to be loaded next. So we never click on your thread to reply to you until we are ready to load! We are either busy with people in front of you, or sleeping.  It's also very important to note that each time you say something it puts a different timestamp on your thread.. meaning it pushes your place back in line even further.. This is obviously no good so don't do that!

You are more than welcome to check our twitter for status updates to see if anything crazy is going on to cause delays.  Just click the twitter option at the bottom of this web page. 

(IMPORTANT NOTE: On busy days, we may respond to you and let you know we're at your place in line.. Sometimes its been a while since you've asked, so you may not be around anymore. This being said, when you finally do get back to our chat, we may have moved on to another customer since you didn't reply. We will not place you back at the end of the line! We will prioritize you once we get done with the current customer, so don't worry if we don't reply back asap. )

What are your hours of operation?

Me (Cody) and Kristalin do this as a full time job so were available most of the time. On occasion we aren't online (sleeping, on break, real life needs). But you should feel free to click that big blue messenger button at the bottom right at any hour! We will always respond as soon as we can load.. no matter what!

Our timezone is CST. We live in Arkansas.. but our sleep schedules are pretty crazy so try us!

How do I know I can trust you guys?

We pride ourselves on the trust we've come to acquire over the years. You may be randomly selected by email from TrustPilot asking you to rate us after each purchase.  It means a lot to us so thanks in advance if you do!

If you haven't bought yet and find yourself on the fence, head over to

We also have a LINE messenger room you can be added in to talk to many of our customers via a group chat. If you're interested in that, add LINE ID: codyreynoldsx and just ask for an invite!

Is this even legal?

By law? yes.  We are a registered taxpaying business under the state of Arkansas.

HOWEVER, getting packs loaded is against most games T.O.S. as it "creates an unfair advantage" over the other players.   So I wouldn't go in-game and announce to the world that you're being loaded, but as far as anyone being able to prove it?  Not going to happen.. There are horror stories of being banned from using loaders. I can tell you that we have NEVER got an account banned from using our services. And we've been running non-stop since early 2015.

We load via buying bulk discounted iTunes gift cards, 100% legitimate, so there wont be a problem from our end. 

Can I get a pack that is not showing on my account?

No. We see what you see.. If you can't see it, we cant either. 


We CANNOT load for you if you play GOTC with an android device. We load via iOS so we will not see the same pack you do because of how this games pack system was designed. We used to agree to ‘hunt’ packs for android guys, but it became very time consuming. If you do not have access to an iOS device, it is required that you get one before using our services. 


We actually have a little problem with people reading all the F.A.Q. when we ask them to. (We ask all the new guys to read through it before their first order.). 

SO.. if you're reading this. It more than likely means you read all of the F.A.Q.   

Please come back to your chat thread with us and type "123" so we know you read this. Otherwise we will just send you back here until you do this.  =D